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Yeshiva Ohr V’daas Celebrates Twenty Six Years of Dedication At Upcoming Dinner

For many in the Rockland County, Yeshiva Ohr V’daas is a familiar mossad, its edifice easily recognized on a hillside overlooking Chestnut Ridge Road. But for the sixty families whose special needs children attend the Yeshiva, it represents a crucial lifeline and a vital support system that they simply could not be without.

On June 1st, the Yeshiva will be celebrating its Twenty Sixth Annual Dinner at The Valley Terrace on College Road. The event represents a golden opportunity for community members and friends to express their appreciation to this one of a kind mossad and to support its vital work on behalf of special needs children.

The challenges of the innocent children who struggle with special needs tug at our heartstrings. The hardships experienced by their dedicated parents cannot be denied. Yet Ohr V’daas changes the game plan. It offers hope and inspiration in lieu of anxiety and fear.

At Ohr V’daas, children are encouraged to overcome their disabilities and achieve tremendous progress. A dedicated and professional staff lovingly educates and encourages, so that the children achieve their personal best. Thus does Ohr V’daas serve as a beacon of light for these sixty special children and their grateful parents.

At this year’s Dinner, Ohr V’daas is humbled and honored to have the renowned Rabbi and Mrs. Aaron Kotler serve as our Guests of Honor. As President of Beis Medrash Govoha, Rabbi Kotler presides over the largest citadel of Torah learning in America today. Yet despite his massive accomplishments, he is still dedicated to assisting the special needs children of our community.

We are also proud to have a tremendous Torah luminary, Rabbi Yeruchem Zeilberger and his wife, serve as Parents of the Year. After the passing of his father in law, HaRav Simcha Schustal, Zt’l, Rav Zeilberger has stepped in as Rosh Yeshiva at Beis Binyomin, Stamford. He is accepting his award as an expression of hakoras hatov to our mossad.

Yeshiva Ohr V’daas is delighted to have our very own Board member, Mr. Yuir Zvi (Hershy) Greenzweig and his wife as recipients of our Special Children’s Award. Beloved members of the Monsey community, the Greenzweigs are among the finest families in our area. A true ‘ish haklal’ Reb Hershy is involved in countless worthy tzedaka and chesed projects in Monsey and beyond. His dedication to the children of Ohr V’daas serves as an inspiration to many. It is a pleasure to include him as a well deserving honoree at the Dinner.

Sruly Orzel and Jeff Weiskopf will be serving as Dinner Chairmen. Journal Chairmen are Yoichi Herzog and Hershy Jeremias.

A brief but uplifting and inspiring Dinner program is planned.

The Twenty Sixth Annual Dinner will be dedicated in loving memory of Mr. Elya Jeremias, a true ish chesed, by his wonderful son Hershy. Hershy’s compassion for the families of Ohr V’daas is just one indication of his heart of gold. He is determined to do anything he can to help our Yeshiva.

As Yeshiva Ohr V’daas gears up in preparation for its upcoming Dinner, the community looks forward to participating in its success. According to Rabbi Meisels, Executive Director of Ohr V’daas, “As the only Jewish school servicing the special needs children in our area, we are a source of pride for the community at large. The Dinner represents an opportunity to express that pride and appreciation and to stand united in support of our mission. We are anticipating an outstanding event and look forward to greeting you there.”

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