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An incredible charity campaign was launched to raise the much needed funds for Ohr V’Daas. Thanks to the generous donations and warm support of the community, half a million dollars was raised in a relatively short amount of time.

How appropriate that the campaign was launched right after the Yom Tov of Chanukah, when we light the menorah. These special individuals who have opened their hearts and contributed so generously, have illuminated the future of the children of Ohr V’daas. By providing the much needed funds, Ohr V’Daas can Dkeep the flame of these precious neshamos ablaze and help them shine and thrive. These special children can now continue to receive be’ezras Hashem the help they need to continue to grow and maximize their skills and reach their fullest potential.

Friends, family and Ohr V’Daas advocates have invested an enormous amount of dedication and effort to raise the astronomical sum of half a million dollars. The way the charity campaign works, is that three sponsors or ‘matchers’ match the amount of each incoming donation, resulting in quadrupling each contribution, until the goal amount is achieved. One of the ‘matchers’ of Ohr V’Daas explained his drive behind his generous efforts, “Of course I get tremendous satisfaction knowing that each donation is being quadrupled with my efforts, but what really gives me the ultimate gratification, is knowing that donating to Ohr V’Daas means significantly quadrupling each Ohr V’daas student possibilities, thereby enabling them to thrive and grow. And that has an infinite amount of worth.”

In addition, the renowned ‘Zemiros Choir’ headed by R’ Yoel Polatzek, joined in on the day of the campaign by singing and entertaining the Ohr V’Daas students and encouraging the community to contribute to this worthy cause.

With the end of the day drawing near, the appropriate amount was boruch Hashem raised, to the excitement of all of Ohr V’Daas friends, advocates and students. Knowing that these special children will now be able to receive the help they need is perhaps the greatest success of the campaign.

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